Social media was beginning to become a thing in the early 2000’s. That was around the time I began reading books faithfully thanks to the network marketing industry. As a result learning to build a personal brand, and becoming more effective in sales through their application.

Warren Buffet was once asked about his secret to success. He pointed to a stack of books and said,

Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will…

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Reading books to the brain is what going to the gym is like for the body

My goal this year was to read 12 new books on branding, entrepreneurship, and social media. Continuing to build that brain muscle. In order to make your opportunity knock we must be in top shape.

All 3 books actually provide absolute value in our education of social media. In addition how to communicate and grow our brand on them. 3 totally different authors with completely different backgrounds.

Each book will help you understand the bigger picture of their use. Why it’s important for you to know and understand moving forward. According to New York Times best selling author Neil Patel,  “An entrepreneur, building a successful brand name should be a priority.”

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Reading books is like taking your brain to the gym!

Want to build a social media brand or start a cause? Start by reading this book

I mentioned previously I had 2 failed blogs right?  Precisely this time last year I read this book. Afterward I wrote a review and the author Oliver Luckett actually retweeted it to his followers, and posted it on his book’s fan page. Michael Casey also contributed to this book.

Now is when I truly wished it was still up for you. I went and found the post he shared with his Facebook fans. I was so stoked he did this. Never met him in my entire life, but thanks to social media we connected briefly.

The Social Organism absolutely blew my mind. Understanding social media and how it works is very important. When creatives like you and I share content on them it’s also important to know their collective etiquette.

Luckett breaks it down to a scientific analogy. One so simple even I could understand it. From how we know communicate across platforms instead of top down traditional methods.

How hashtags like #blacklivesmatter became a movement. How content goes viral and why. I placed this book 1 of 3 as it will lay a great foundation for other books discussing social media as we move forward.

Grab your copy of The Social Organism from Amazon by clicking the image below today.

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How this LinkedIn “Top 10” writer shared his secrets to help build your brand

Before launching my blog late January I published an article on LinkedIn about my first year working for Comcast. I was on the fence of either focusing on publishing on LinkedIn only, or launching my own site.

Publishing articles on LinkedIn is an easy way for those of us who would rather not run your own blog site to publish branded content. It’s an easy way to brand yourself on a professional social media platform without the hassle of maintaining an actual blog like this.

Thinking long term in the event of my departure from Comcast I wanted total control of my content.

Understanding I can use them both I wanted to learn more about publishing on this platform. Book 2 of this trio is by 3 time “Top 10” writer on LinkedIn, Steve Blakeman. What other way than to learn than from one who has literally mapped the way.

What’s unique about his book is his transparency. Numbers don’t lie, and he includes various articles he has written and their performances. I found this key to understanding the platforms users and their behavior with content.

If you’re looking to build a brand primarily on LinkedIn, I highly recommend you read this book. Especially if you would like the convenience of not having to run your own site. Be sure to grab your copy today by clicking the link below.

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Why self education is now the most important to brand ascension in every aspect

3 years ago before launching my first failed blog I knew nothing about operating or maintaining one. Thanks to YouTube and the information age this next author pontificates upon self education and it’s power.

I’m sure each of us here has researched a “How to” video. Maybe even Google searched a topic or person to learn more about them, or a product and it’s reviews by others before purchasing. We essentially rely on the internet as an everyday extension of our lives now.

What’s so awesome about book 3 is how well it’s written to address major time frames in our nation. I discovered Keenan on LinkedIn thanks to his inspirational video content he publishes. It was this post here that landed my connection with him and buying his book.

Initially I asked myself, “Who is this guy?” His videos talk about sales challenges, and he shares personal experiences to drive home each message. He currently has over 11K followers on LinkedIn, and has a proven track record in the sales industry.

After conducting my due diligence on Keenan for his social proof I discovered his book. Let me be the first to tell youNot Taught is definitely a game changer.

He takes a no-nonsense approach to bluntly telling you what the reality is with the current information age. I truly appreciated his direct approach. I absolutely recommenced you read this book to “Get your mind right.” Finally he provides valuable nuggets on brand building for the 21st century. Be sure to grab your copy below today.

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 In conclusion

Each month for the remainder of 2018 I will share with you my reviews of books I personally read and why. It is my belief that we must continue to learn, and stay up on the internet of things. It’s truly imperative to our brand to brow and develop our minds.

Please be sure to subscribe to my blog and podcast today as I will be providing feedback on these books there as well.

Have you read any of these 3 books? If so what’s your feedback on them? Please leave me a comment and I promise to answer each one.

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