In September I drove up to Snoqualmie Casino to check out the first legal sportsbook in WA state. Now, BetMGM has grabbed its footprint in the City of Destiny’s brand new Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, WA. Have you paid attention to the amount of BetMGM commercials lately? Conveniently a few days before the Dallas Cowboys & Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicked off this NFL season.

Today I ventured down to visit BetMGM’s newest real estate. Although betting is not yet available it’s coming.. The Seahawks beat the Niners in a down to the wire game at home today. Many Hawks fans were in attendance.  Taking it all in as I sat eating my burger & fries in their plush leather seats watching the  86″ high-def TVs and a 500+ square foot LED Wall.

Back in 2015, I attended hearings in the state’s capital, Olympia. Let’s just say since then the state has flipped on its views about sports gambling. It appears I was about 6 years ahead of my time with a fantasy sports bar concept according to Seattle Times.

Emerald Queen Casino operates two properties in Fife and Tacoma, an expansive gaming enterprise owned by the Puyallup Tribe. Pending regulatory approvals, sports betting will be available at both locations in the near future.

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BetMGM dubbed “The King of Sportsbooks” via Jamie Foxx campaign

Jamie Foxx currently leads the national commercial campaign for BetMGM. He is also a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan. As I sat in awe of the screens I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. Always trust your gut intuition. Had I done just that I could also be cashing in on this national sports betting trend hitting mobile phones soon.

As the number 6 cursed my business plan of the past in years, it also haunts Jamie’s and I Cowboys chase for Six. However, this season things could potentially change all of Dak. Many Seahawks fans have written off their season but today’s surprising win over the Niners simply shows us that Any Given Sunday things can change. Right, Willie Beamen?

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The City of Destiny looks promising with BetMGM

The state of Washington has some of the most restrictive gambling laws in the country, and it took several attempts before the current legislation received approval. In September, the Snoqualmie tribal casino became the first in Washington State to open a sportsbook in time for the start of the NFL regular season.

If it weren’t for my Boots on Ground campaign in the City of Destiny I don’t think I could have written this blog post to share with you today. Who knows what the future holds for me now as a result. One thing is for certain, Im sure all my Cowboys Cousins are happy to have one of our own leading the charge.

Could the magic number 6 be on the horizon this year Cowboys fans? It sure gets me excited after today I will say Dak. Now is the time 4 us to get familiar with how to move around a sportsbook. I know a few of my cousins who can help me out. Just maybe we can all get together in my office downtown for a watch party this month.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog to find out the details should it materialize. It sure does look like the NFL is continuing to expand its agenda. Much like BetMGM has done recently here in the City of Destiny. Keep pushing NFL fans, and always remember to trust your gut instinct. It will never lead you wrong no matter how far ahead of your time you might be. Here is the current list of BetMGM states and their status.






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