You can’t spell Boots on Ground without the BG in it. Before the new year, I decided to relocate my business efforts to the City of Destiny Tacoma, WA. Carrying with me a new normal approach when it comes to small business and personal brands. Since the pandemic began in ’20 It’s safe to say that if you’re either of the aforementioned, your online presence is absolutely a must to survive.

Since retiring from the Navy in ’16 and settling into the Pacific Northwest I wanted to start my own small business. A fantasy sports bar concept. That was short-lived due to state laws at the time. I even made the Seattle Times as a result. Since then I made the shift to a digital consulting agency with a creative focus on birthing Fan Base Creators in the NFL. Originally from Texas, I knew each “Blue Friday” in Tacoma I would stick out like a sore thumb as a Dallas Cowboys fan.

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The Union Club is a coworking space contributing to Tacoma’s growing artistic and entrepreneurial communities. It combines a maker studio, event hall, and office co-working space, in a 15,000 square foot historic building in downtown Tacoma.

As a personal brand or small business, you want to do the same for your online presence. Boots on Ground is my new approach to canvassing the City of Destiny to network with other creative professionals like you. The Union Club Tacoma above provided the much-needed office space and tools required to get started. After all, the view from my office is absolutely stunning, and the coffee is hot.

Tacoma small business gets Comcast Rise injection

I took a walk today through downtown Tacoma for a breath of fresh air. During my journey, I noticed many boutiques and small businesses as a result. Life has managed to move forward since the pandemic and many of these businesses were hit hard with a loss of foot traffic.

As a result, turning to their online presence and social media channels to reach potential customers. Many of these same businesses displayed their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Comcast recently made news by awarding $1 Million Dollars through their Comcast Rise initiative to provide tools and resources to help elevate those businesses.

What is Comcast Rise and why do you need to know? After retiring from the Navy I worked for Comcast for almost 3 years. In their direct sales division. Essentially boots on ground door to door across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in the city of Gig Harbor. Employed as a brand ambassador for Xfinity services. I created my own personal brand Comcast Cowboy as a result. 

Independent small businesses are the backbone of our communities, and today, more than ever, small businesses owned by people of color are hurting. The recent news of the Comcast Rise injection will directly impact them. During my second year, I was able to clear 6 figures doing door sales. It came with a heavy mental health cost price, however.

Now my mission objective is to help those same small businesses and personal brands in the City of Destiny. Going door to door and building a community of professional relationships with a new normal approach. Boots On Ground.

Why the goal of personal brands should be to make money while you sleep

It finally clicked last December for me. Once I cleared six figures walking between doorsteps in Gig Harbor if I had my own business model I could build something more long-term. If you’re on Linkedin many of the city’s professionals here are located there. Due to Microsoft being rooted in the Pacific Northwest which owns the platform.

My digital agency Game Changers is now operationally located inside the Union Club. Where many of those same creatives and professionals are also building their brands. Exchanging time for a wage was hard for me to swallow after my Comcast experience. Now as we come up for air in ’22 I invite you to connect with me there.

The great thing about having an online presence is the ability to monetize while you’re sleeping. After a long day of connecting with professionals in the community today, a good night’s sleep is a bonus. Essentially getting the exercise I need, and also establishing future clients for my new book of business.

Making money while you sleep is something I shared with Veterans over on Medium. Not just one, but 7 revenue streams total. My efforts as a Dallas Cowboys fan base creator ultimately led me to my next move in the BG game of chess. Understanding your potential market is a must. The pacific northwest is packed with veterans between the JBLM, Bremerton, and Silverdale communities respectively.

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How my creative genius allowed me to tap into a Boots on Ground mentality through music. It’s not just a saying, it’s actually a way of life.

Im a Cowboy on a steel horse I ride

Walking into ’22 it is time to combine my skills sets for your advantage. Over 6 years of experience essentially reverse-engineering how to connect with professionals through Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM). As I celebrate the news here with you today I’m offering any small business and personal brands a FREE 30-minute consultation.

Either virtual due to our new normal learned behavior, or good ole fashioned face-to-face fashion in my beautiful Union Club office. The coffee is on me. Let’s discuss how to get your online presence to stick out in ’22. Take it from a veteran. Outsourcing your time to work with a proven professional will pay dividends.

Not only for your online branding strategies but also for your bottom line. As a small business, I understand that every penny counts. Many businesses did not survive due to the pandemic. Nothing beats FREE. Don’t hold being a Dallas Cowboys fan against me, however. I was fortunate to participate in one of Russell Wilson’s passing academy programs back in ’16. He taught me that “Separation is in preparation.”

That mile and a half walk through the City of Destiny today confirmed my intuition. Change is not always good. Im certain one of you reading this was affected by the pandemic. Let’s put our heads together this coming year and work to make it better than the one we are currently leaving behind.

City of Destiny, Tacoma, WA, BG, Boots on Ground, small business, brands, City of Tacoma

Since 1987, the City of Tacoma has honored more than 300 outstanding local volunteers through its City of Destiny Awards program. The City of Destiny Awards program is spearheaded by a City Council-appointed City Events and Recognition Committee comprised of local community leaders from a broad array of backgrounds and areas of expertise.

In conclusion

After every dark night, there is a brighter day ahead. I want to thank you for taking the time today to learn about what Boots on Ground mean. Especially in relation to small business and personal brands. It’s impossible to spell without the B & G. And either of ours cannot survive if we depend on traditional ways of business operation.

I look forward to meeting each of you in the coming months. As I execute my mission of canvassing every small business located in the Tacoma downtown area. It won’t be hard to find me either. Proudly wearing my Dallas Cowboys colors. Just look for the Star when I walk through your doors.

The new year is sure to bring us both new challenges. Together we can create a game plan to survive the next opponent. Besides, the City of Destiny has a ring to it. Doesn’t it? Let’s team up no matter what you’re NFL colors might be. I’m certain together we can make great things happen for your small business or personal brands.

Are you interested in that FREE cup of coffee and 30-minute consultation with a beautiful view? If you answered yes, simply visit my catalog of services on Thumbtack.  I look forward to either meeting or hearing from you in the near future. Let’s make it our destiny together to succeed in ’22. After all, it’s a new normal mobile world we live in now.

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