How Comcast is investing in it’s veterans with this elite VetNet cohort

Comcast VetNet sets sights on 2019 for veterans

Earlier this year I shared with you my amazing first year confessions within the ranks of Comcast. As I approach the close of my second year, I wanted to share with you how Comcast has essentially recently mobilized an internal (VetNet) veteran cohort heading into 2019.

The 2018 Military Influencer and Leader Development symposium was held from December 7-8 at Comcast head quarters located in Philadelphia. Over 250 veterans and supporters company wide applied. In addition about 90 or so were selected to attend.

Who wouldn’t want their company to fly them in for 4 days to participate in something hsitorical on their dime? Especially getting the chance to network with other veterans from every corner of the enterprise.

I posted this on Instagram below. It shows several attendees who arrived in Philadelphia a day early. In addition, taking advantage of touring the newly opened Comcast Technology Center. An absolutely stunningly beautiful masterpeice which is now the tallest structure in Philadelphia.

The Comcast veterans cohort foundation is now formed thanks to those who created it

Prior to our depearture to Philadelphia our we had several conference calls with our Director of Military and Veteran Affairs with Comcast, David Gaulin. He provided attendees with all the resources and communication needed to prepare for our schedule of events. Ulitmately lead by SVP of Military and Veteran Affairs at Comcast NBCUniversal. Retired Army Brigadier General Carol Eggert.

Rich Lapat, Vice President, Technical Operations College, Comcast University who also is a Navy veteran was the official MC of the symposium. I didn’t hold it against him being an Eagles fan however. The fact we both were in the Navy gave us an opportunity to connect with one another at the Army Navy pre-game tailgate at Xfinity Live.

Almost covering the entire NFC East division of the NFL, we represented our teams with our Salute to Service gear proudly. Rich (L), myself, and David Swisher (R). Clearly great minds think alike. #veterans

How your network equals your netowrth

We kicked the symposium off with “Personal Branding Values” from Anne Nicholas, VP Affiliate Marketing NBC New York. Thanks to her, and husband Val Nicholas, Senior Vice President Creative Director at SummitMediaCorp, there was never a dull moment. Learning how they both created and implemented this VetNet initiative within the company was instrumental in the big picture of things moving forward.

Here I am pictured with both Anne, and husband Val. Notice her branded “Veterans Network” jacket she is wearing. This was a gift by the staff for all attendees. In addition, matching branded company backpacks (which she also has on) with our last names stitched on the front packed with other goodies were also provided. “Service Matters” themes this merchandise initiative which was presented by Dave Gaulin to both Anne and Val.

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Leadership and activiation

Next, we moved into “Leadership and Activation” Hosted by career retired Army veteran. Scott Fleeher, Director, Customer Experience – Comcast Business and Third Party Operations. In addition, retired Army veteran Michael Hackworth, Talent Acquisition (Veteran Hiring Professional). Providing all attendees with an actionable plan for our elite cohort to execute upon our return to our respective divisions.

The highlight of the sympsoium allowed us to meet and listen to Retired Army General Stanley McChrystal, our keynote speaker. The company shipped us his new book “Leaders, Myth and Reality” prior to our arrival. Essentially laying the foundation and understanding for us all with this opportunity ahead of us.

His presentation aboslutely galvanized the VetNet cohort as a unit 

Many other key presenters share wide range of resources with VetNet

From global benefits like physical health matters, to money managment matters additional presenters were jam packed into our schedule. Providing us with the absolute best value. Allowing all who attended to draw upon legitimate people, and resources in the company.

One presenter, I would like to highlight was Jean Chatzky. She is the Financial Editor at NBC TODAY. Her presentation “Operation Money” provided attendees with many financial resources. Alsoa fresh new perspective about money matters.

In addition, sharing her digital and completely FREE e-book which can be downloaded here. Much like my service in the Navy, you can absolutely see how leaders of this cohort initative have it’s number one resource in mind.

Investing in it’s people, and veterans.

Veterans just know how to have more fun at Comcast

Nearing the end of the symposium this presenter absolutely provided amazing entertainment in a teaching way. Capping off an eventful 2 days with a bang! In her words “Blue Streak” will now forever be embedded into my mind. You had to attend to understand.

Thank you Janine Driver for your energy and motivation you provided. Giving us yet another fresh perspective about body language, and how it says more than any words we may utter.

What she shard with us cannot be unseen. In such a small window she shared with us intimate details about her life and the effect of her business on it both good and bad. A ball of energy that had the eniter crowd on the edge of it’s seat.

Here she is right on que phtobombing an attendee.

VetNet conclusion

Although this only gives you a snapshot of our symposium, I felt it was critical to share this potion of my journey. Hoping to help inspire other veterans to take a serious look at Comcast as either their first, or next employer.

As well as those within the company ranks who were not able to attend. This is for you, too.

The steps Comcast has taken to assemble, and educate us as an “Elite Cohort” speaks volumes that we dont just talk about hiring veterans here, we actually do. Giving us all the opportunity to implement, and execute this strategy to recruit, strengthen, and retain the veteran ranks within our entire enterprise, and VetNet ERG group.

I am absolutely proud of the opprtunities this company has not only provided myself, but for other veterans to bring our talent to the team, and add our value to the collective enterprise. In the meanwhile it’s clear Comcast values our employees, and their ERG groups collectively.

Saving the best for last

Lastly, as a thank you to us all, Comcast provided us a trip on the Septa (public transit train) from downtown Philly to the event to the 119th Army Navy game at Lincoln Financial Field.

In the meanwhile allowing us all to bond through a military time honored traiditon between 2 service academies. The Army, and the Navy. A memory that will forever be embedded into my mind.

It was actually the first I ever attended. Here is a snapshot of half our cohort enroute to the game.

Lastly, What are you waitng for? Click the link here to learn how you can apply and also become apart of something truly historical and special. In addition please feel free to message me personally here with questions regarding employment opportunities with Comcast.

If you’re a veteran within the enterprise please add me here on LinkedIn. Let’s connect!

Finally, please feel free to share this article with your professional, and social media networks to help create awareness, and ultimately build for next years symposium. Search #ComcastMilitary and #MILDev2018 for more info on social media platforms.

What was your favorite part of the symposium and experience for those who attended?

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