The D.O.C. actually inspired me to not commit suicide while listening to SiriusXM in my car recently. He doesn’t know it though, yet. In addition, he is also currently inspiring my creative side. Imagine sitting inside of a digital studio (your car), and being asked to make a hit song like “The Formula.” The equipment is all in front of you, but that doesn’t mean you have the first idea on how to get started to actually create it. Until however you turn on your favorite SiriusXM channel.

What’s my formula you ask? Not suicide. I was not a rich white kid in surburban America listening to the Diggy Diggy Doc Yall. I did hear everything he said though. While living with my parents in a mobile home in Thrall, TX in 1989. See 4:18 mark on video below. There is my “Formula For Veterans” thanks to the creative genius of The D.O.C.

Music on SiriusXM has a way of touching each of us differently inside our automobiles. Especially when you spend almost 8-10 hours each day inside your car on the job Like I did recently. Especially Rock The Bells channel 43, previously “Backspin.” I also discovered LL Cool J is laying a blueprint for me to follow. Clues. More on that in future blog post’s so be sure to subscribe!

A couple of days before all this suicide shit came together I shared this video on Instagram below. It finally clicked for me afterwards. Music provides a great way to release emotion. Why not share my thoughts behind SiriusXM in the background while driving to help deal with my depression? Maybe it could help others, and open the opportunity for their journey also. It’s a great way to relaese emotion, and create marketing content in our cars where most of us spend alot of time to begin with each week. Especially when you’re able to show your true “Colors” like below.  

“I think that the #1 thing is your computer is gonna turn into your television set.” ~Ice-T


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A mind is a terrible thing to waste. BANG!

What I have learned over the course of my life this year, and it’s experiences showed me how much music can have an affect on our lives.  Like when my entire family jams YouTube on our TV in our living room and bond. Suicide is not the answer. For better or worse. If you know me you know that I love the Dallas Cowboys. With that being said, you already know I had to find the connections in the Matrix for it to make cents for us all.

Thank you SiriusXM for the Brand Ambassador/ Affiliate assist! Musical therapy is actually a real thing. Especially among veterans and the VA. My research shows it helps with depression and PTSD. More on that to come on future blog post’s.  I also want to share how music has impacted my life thanks to my parents growing up in Thrall, TX. In addition, how to help release pinned up emotions through our heart we all might have compartmentalized within our brains.

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Compartmentalizing is basically an internal process of putting your feelings toward someone, or some experience, in a metaphorical box, and putting them on a shelf in the back of your mind to be forgotten, or stirred up when something reminds you they’re there.

We all have a million dollar idea inside our heads. Don’t kill yourself first by commiting suicide like I wanted too, or you’ll never know. Will you? For many years my wife Stevie and I have often asked ourselves; “Why didn’t we think of that?” when we see novel ideas on the Xfinity Stream App like Shark Tank. A novel idea like SiriusXM, right? I knew Marshall Mathers was onto something back in the day when he launched Shade 45.

That was a clue in the Matrix I spoke abourt earlier. Keep your third eye open around the clock for clues. On August 29, 2019 at 5:30PM PST I walked into my managers office at the Puyallup FFO, and quit my direct sales job of almost 3 years. Now let me be clear, there are many factors that went into this decison. Im just relying on faith at this point.

Listening to The D.O.C. “The Formula” weeks before put it all in perspective. Little did I know back in May I was actually speaking my own reality into existence. Maybe this “Formula” I recently discovered could this become the magic for all Cowboys fans this season as a result? Just Unify. 

The main reason I quit Comcast; My Mental Health 

It’s time for me to step out in faith with God. Betting on myslef as a result. Allowing Him to guide my steps moving forward. We cant do it as a “Lone Wolf” by ourselves. My darkest secrets have destoryed my family. I must simultaneously create my content through that emotional storm while trying to survive it. Personally on a mission now to create suicide awareness content among the veteran ranks globally through blogging and music with my story as a result.

Even The D.O.C. too had a Doctor he could depend on to help create his “Forumla.” Thank you social media, and Bluehost for providing platforms for me to share it here. Any links you click here, and purchase from actually help me keep the lights on with my blog. Thank you.

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Music therapy provides Veterans with creative outlet

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Having a “Lone Wolf” attitude will ruin you, and your family, “IF” you let it

So much so I wanted to commit suicide as a result of my “Lone Wolf” behavior. I recently published my truth leading up to that publicly here.

Please count your blessings daily family, and remember you only get out of life what you hunt for. Don’t follow my path. You can’t negotiate with a closed mouth. Keep howling until someone listens. I was secretly doing that through my Carpooling videos before you ever knew it. Crying Wolf ironically through The D.O.C. My courage to spill it all was not strong enough yet. Thank’s for providing that “Clear Eye View” Jaylon. That’s when I started to really SEE my potential clearly.

Sharing how you feel with others is not a weakness. It is actually a strength. The most vluable lesson I found in this. Ask many actors, singers, major creators, etc. Ask Nipsey Hussle, RIP. Because of you Nipsey, The Marathon Continues through us all King. Nipsey will always be a major influence on my creativity moving forward. Becuase of his techy nerd side. Especially my LA Cowboys network with Star Status Cowboys Connection. Just ask my wife Stevie. My heart dropped in the store that Sunday when she showed my the news on her phone. Another blessing through death.

Music has provided much inspiration through vessels. This Houston Native below was also lightweight inspiring my creative thoughts about this time last year. If you take a close look at my Instagram timeline, it tells my mental health struggles. Very dark days for awhile you may not have been able to decipher. “Sicko Mode” to be precise.

Pure intentions plus transparency equals the golden ticket

Honest people can feel when your intentions are clear. Despite what other military veterans past, and present will infleunce you to think about opening up emotionally within the ranks, or out like myself. That’s the ongoing culture currently they seek to change. I don’t blame the services at all. It is us the veterans that have to change first. Including the political process involved with people.

What is really our biggest asset in this country? People. People create the culture of family. But in a world of followers on social media we have so very few real leaders in real life who can operate between both online and real life. That migh change sooner than we think in the next few years. Here is an example below that can’t hurt my little theory. This dude motivated me on Instagram in very dark times. His book will inspire you to “Stay Hard.” Thanks Uncle Joe for the assist, despite what they say about you online. We both know each others sturggles with death.

The culture of “Man Up” has to change. To more like “Just Unify” in my humble opinion. It should actually be the new SiriusXM channel we could click on to listen more about it all for veterans. The connections between Texas and California are unlimited in many forms of creative art. Especially interwoven into the very fabric of my entire life. WE have all became vessels. Like The D.O.C. said. That’s how WE increase the reach of “This Formula.”

Through all of this learning that The D.O.C. was originally from Dallas Oak Cliff made me ask the question. Is he a Cowboys fan? Then I discovered this video of him on VLADTV on YouTube. I only watched it because he had the Cowboys “D” hat on.  When you look for answers you may just find them. God is GOOD.

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In summary

As I walk with God now on this journey, who the fuck knows what it has in store for me. My assumption of who I thought you were God was very shallow. Forgive me for I not know. The morning you spoke to me in my office, and we shared that chuckle about how I had to break myself all the way down in every aspect in order for this all to work. This little old life of mine. We hear it all the time from others, but when it finally applies to you it’s life changing.

In addition, I know many who may read this might say I’m doing this for attention. Maybe it’s the next “Shiny Object?” Either way are you not entertained? Just like SiriusXM. I do want to bring attention to suicide awareness among veterans as a vessel from my experiences.

Maybe the “Shiny Object” is now the way to illumination for not only myself, but others too. Furthermore, “We are all vessels” like The D.O.C. states above. Pay attention throughout your journey and travels through life. There are actually clues on how to get out of the Matrix. Suicide will rob you of that if you let it.  Never judge a book by it’s cover though. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Because like vessels, we too are also creators. Creators of our own stories.  Stories like that of The D.O.C. adversity, who inspired other vessels along his journey.

“When they write a book about your life will it be worth reading?” ~BG

This book changed my whole outlook about social media. Stay tuned!

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Last but not least

Finally, thank you for reading this far. Please subscribe to my blog if you love music. This is just the beginning for us here. Music is in my soul, and I want to share it. If you have been considering becoming a SiriusXM listener please click that link, and it will give you an offer of $5 a month for 6 months.  Stop listening to the major networks who control what you hear. Let’s negotiate what channel you want to consume in your car this NFL season. If you’re depressed and have PTSD like I do, music like blogging is therapy to my soul. My current antithesis against veteran suicide.

No matter what your age the internet allows us all to share our stories digitally. It’s the beautiful thing about technology. It only requires connection, passion and action. Action over everything.

If you’re a Cowboys fan, and want to know how this SiriusXM shit got started click below to learn more. It actually helped create this Cowboys fan story of mine. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. You don’t get what you deserve you get what you negotiate. How are your negotiating skills with life? Not just only with veterans, but with the children on Dallas Oak Cliff also. BANG!

“This is Sirius bidness” The D.O.C.

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