How to actually recieve your military discount with Xfinity

2019 is quickly becoming the rise of Veterans, and their voices in corporate America. It’s not suprising that Comcast is leading the charge by recruiting, and retaining some of the countries top talented Veterans into it’s ranks.

If you previously served, or are currently serving in the military you can now apply for your discount today.

There are two seperate ways to apply.

  1. For new customers here.
  2. For exisiting customers here.

Communication has, and always will be, one of many challenges a championship team will face. For Comcast, the communication voice of Veterans are actually on the rise.

As we push towards our goal of hiring 21k Veterans by the year 2021, you will see more Veterans begin to surface as influencers within the Comcast ranks.

A major part of that is getting the Comcast message out to Veterans that we care. A simple discount like this for both existing, and new customers is a great place to start.

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The way ahead in 2019 for Comcast and our Veterans

Recently, I was fortunate to attend Comcast’s Military Leadership and Developmentsymposium that was assembled in Philadelphia last fall. Close to 90 Veterans, and supporters spent 3 days in the magnificent Comcast Technology Center. A solid foundation for it’s Veterans Network ERG.

This will be an annual symposium held each year with Veterans from every corner of our enterprise. When details emerge for this year I will share them.

Lastly, This time last year I shared my first 12 months on the job. Now it is time to communicate to Veterans out there you too, can become part of this illustrious cohort.

If you’re a Veteran in search of employment, or tranisitioning from the service ranks, be sure to check out all the positions available for you today here.

Here are a few pictures from my trip to Philly. If you’re on Instagram connect with me today. If you happen to apply for any positions online above, please direct message me either here or on Instagram.

Now go get that much deserved discount above, and please share the good news with family and friends this 2019!

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