How to get LinkedUp on LinkedIn with this new podcast

It’s 2019 and if you’re not already on LinkedIn, then my brand new podcast “LinkedUp” will absolutely be for you. Back in June 2016 Microsoft bought the professional social network for $26.2 billion dollars.

Over the last 30 days I have been conducting research on LinkedIn. I have also been a member of the platform since 2011. Even 5 years before I retired from the Navy I was encouraging others to connect on the network.

Now, with 2 years deep into my current role with Comcast, I’m asking you to dive into the deep end of the pool with me here. Let’s get LinkedUp in 2019 and build.

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Let this LinkedIn fun fact sink in during 2019

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Are you currently on @linkedin 🤔 If not this podcast is definitely for you. Stay tuned as I will launch my Official PC “LinkedUp” April 29, 2019. ✔ Directly after the NFL draft weekend. 🤠 🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗 A podcast 🎙 focused on members of the @linkedin community. I will feature weekly guests also that will surely bring tons of value to your life. 📲 🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗 This fun fact alone tells you why @microsoft bought the platform in June 2016 for $26.2 Billion. H/T @omnicoreagency 🖥 🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗 Hit the bio link now to subscribe before launch and become one of my “Early Adopters” 📲🔗📩

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Why I chose LinkedUp for LinkedIn

Three years ago Bill Gates and Microsoft bought LinkedIn during June 2016 for $26.2 Billion dollars. I reside about 50 minutes south of there so the noise coming from local media is getting louder. See for yourself below.

Their current CEO Satya Nadella’s financial performance is currently tied to the network. Along with other executives there according to CNBC.

Instead of ignoring the noise I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity it presents for all of us here. As more and more companies are incentivized to recruit Veterans.

My “LinkedUp” Podcast will absolutely be useful to transitioning military members migrating to LinkedIn for their next chapter. Something very important to me as a retired Navy veteran.

In addition, my podcast will feature other guest’s from our LinkedIn community to share their tips, tricks, how to’s, and connect with other new members to help grow our professional networks.

If you understand what Microsoft does for the business world with Windows, then the LinkedIn purchase, and eventual intergration within will become a definite game changer for corporate America.

My views on the potential of this marriage.

You heard that here first! So please join me on this journey!

Did you know LinkedIn has sponsored advertisements also?

Facebook made more than $40 billion in revenue in 2017, approximately 89 percent of which came from digital advertisements. LinkedIn is becoming a very ripe opportunity if you do the math.

Especially for entrepreneurs and brand builders like my mentor Joseph. He shares high quality video content on LinkedIn building his brand there.

Learn more about the Fantasy Football Counselor here.

How to subscribe to my podcast LinkedUp on LinkedIn

My goal is to launch the 1st three episodes on April 29, 2019. Directly after the NFL draft weekend in Nashville, TN. My first guest is the dominant force in this particular sports industry. You dont want to miss it!

Simply join my early subscription link here first. By doing so you will become an “Early Adopter.” An exclusive group of my listeners who can cut through the noise with me together.

The research is pointing that if you’re not on LinkedIn by the end of 2019, you’re way behind in the professional online networking arena.

Subscribe to my Podcast as an “Early Adopter” today, and let’s reap the rewards together in 2019!

Or, simply enter your info in the sign up form below. See you on the 1st episode!

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