What does loyalty have to do with Nike and Zion Williamson?

Dear Zion Williamson, I have worn Nike on my feet most of my entire life once I could afford them in the 1990’s. Growing up in the Michael Jordan era was majestic. Ultimately branding me a Nike kid for life. I recently told my wife Stevie that I am one lucky guy.

Born in the 70’s, and lucky enough to have witnessed the era of Magic and Bird in the 80s, MJ in the 90’s, Kobe in the 2000’s and then now LBJ’s final descent. Giannis is currently up next up after KD and Russ been doing their things respectively.

Now is the coming of Zion WIlliamson with the Duke Bluedevils.

Then there was this…..

I first seen videos of you on court through social media a couple years back. I do not follow college basketball at all however. Duke may have won a new fan in me to watch them ride this out.

After checking Google Trends today Zion, your name is still trending hard. That brings the readers, and I here together today with you.

Since yesterday your shoe #breakout might hurt business for Nike. Well, it just so happens I recently had a Nike blowout of my own. Not to the extent of yours, but over a 15 month span mine occured. See below please.

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I have been fiercly loyal to @nike once I could afford them in the 90’s. 💯I bought my work (all black) #duckboots back in November 2017 in the @tacomamall here in the #pnw 💯 * * * So loyal, that even in lieu of @zionlw10 and his @dukembb incident recently I will remain loyal. I searched high and low in the #pnw for them over the last 3 weeks. Continuing to wear them through #snowmageddon2019 despite the obvious issue. Our @comcast uniforms are even branded Nike! “✔ the sleeve.” Hey @travisscott see what I did there? * * * Thankfully today I found replacements in the Nike Outlet Factory here in Auburn, WA. Not the same colors however. So loyal again, I will have to stick to khakis everyday to match them now. #navychiefnavypride * * * As a proud member of the customer service industry, I can appreciate loyal customers. I scroll the @xfinity timelines daily, as a result work that much harder each day to give my local customers a “Red Carpet” experience here in the #pnw everytime. * * * Instead of bashing @nike I want to thank you for making such a great product over the years. As I turn 45 years old this weekend I will continue to build my personal brand with @nike on my 👣#loyalty #nike #zionwilliamson #duke #comcast #xfinity #iworkforcomcast #comcastcowboy

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My message to Zion Williamson about loyalty

First thing personally from me, get better soon young fella. My intent is not to overlook your injury in lieu of the way ahead for your personal brand. Your family, and fans need you.

Secondly, dont think for a second that Nike wished this would have happened to the both of you, along with Duke and their titan brand.

Take it from the old veteran here. You’re the “NEXT BIG THING” coming to the NBA. Just like those guys I mentioned above. Speaking of BIG, I see you bulked up also. Continue to grow your personal brand like I do with the best global shoe brand in the world.

An athelete of your stature on the court could quite possibly be stress testing how they will develop the very science to change the shoe game again. Not too many have came along quite like yourself.

Nike will right the ship over time. You just watch. They had this to say;

“We are obviously concerned and want to wish Zion a speedy recovery,” the company said. “The quality and performance of our products are of utmost importance. While this is an isolated occurrence, we are working to identify the issue.”

According to SportingNews.com

In addition, observe a true “King Brand Ambassador” really protecting that very brand in this defensive fashion. Look at this All Star calibur defense here! Understanding the mention game on another level. Loyalty.

Even the 44th President Barack Obama was on hand at the game, and wished him well despite the unfortunate event. Adding to the celebrity draw of it all.

Of course it will hurt Duke entirely because of their Nike deal, and their collegiate brand for the time being. Especially for ticket prices to this event, ESPN ratings for it, etc.

I do know this however. With a leader like “Coach K” at the helm however. His character and resume, especially his military service have helped shape the Duke and Nike brand that will weather this storm together. Loyalty.

Big brands take hits like this and can survive. It can even make them stronger as a result. It’s how they arrived where they are now to begin with!

Nobody is perfect, and neither are most products and services. So, Just Do It.

Well, unless it’s the Xfinity X1 Platform. That’s pretty close to perfect. Loyalty. I look forward to watching you lace up for your first NBA game on it in Ultra High 4K Definition.

Just do it. Simple. Easy. Awesome.

In Conclusion

It’s in my DNA to share whats good for you here. Especially if you’re a Cowboys fan. Be sure to subscribe to my blog today. I share my experiences with you about my journey in life here through my role with Comcast.

One thing is for sure though. Despite all this, I will be wearing Nike at the end of the Day. At work, and off. I know the value it has brought me during my life, and experiences in both casual and sporting events.

Remain loyal. Just do it, along with me Zion Williamson. You got next?

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