Micah Parsons clearly exhibits the Mamba Mentality derived from the book of Kobe Bryant. He recently filed a trademark according to SportsRush. For his inspirational clothing line “A Lion Has To Eat” as a result of the Black Mamba himself. When it comes to all things in the jungle however the Lion is still the king.

I was fortunate to have his father Terrence, AKA Mufasa, which I’ve dubbed personally while on my Cowboys Cousins show today. We initially met at Lot 10 of AT&T Stadium. For the Dallas Cowboys home opener back in September. Where all the animals of this jungle tailgate. A month prior to that, however, he stealthily entered the Cowboys fan base. While in the birthplace of the NFL, Canton, OH. Particularly with Star Status Cowboys Connection Ohio (SSCO).

Many Cowboys fans like myself were there in attendance to see Drew Pearson, and Jimmy Johnson get inducted. And the game against the Steelers of course. Where I first saw this Lion. In the same month shortly after my return, I would learn that Terrence tapped into one of my live shows organically. Featuring the Dallas Cowboys Power Couple from SSCCO. Terrence, A native of Harrisburg, PA essentially has what I call, divine timing.

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Skip over to my YouTube Channel and check out the 36:36 mark where this power couple shares how Terrence Parsons stealthily enters their function.

The Lion King of the jungle speaks with Cowboys Cousins

Just days ago Micah Parsons tweeted the news regarding his new clothing line inspired by Kobe Bryant. Did you know a whole jungle of Dallas Cowboys fans is also Los Angeles Lakers fans? The unique twist is both Micah (Harrisburg) and Kobe (Lower Merion) were born in PA. Separated by about 97 miles. I made this discovery about Cowboys Lakers fans however during my travels within the fan base since ’16. Naturally, this combination of two lethal members from the same jungle essentially was 2 irresistible to PASS up altogether.

Micah is currently the most dominating rookie defensive force in the NFL. Much like a Lion is within the jungle. Preying on opposing quarterbacks at a very fast rate of speed. He currently leads all NFL rookies with 10 sacks. In addition, he can potentially claw his eleventh plus against the Washington Football Team at FedEx Field. He is currently ranked at #8 in the league overall in sacks. Could he potentially chase down the NFL’s most prestigious Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) award as a result? Wait, you mean as a rookie?

How does his father Terrence feel about watching his offspring make history so rapidly? He shared he has to maintain his hunger for success while remaining focused on his prey. The 4 remaining games out of 5 are very pivotal divisional games.  Therefore with the addition of his full pride now in tow in front of the nation’s capital, we can also potentially watch history in the making.

“Kobe’s work ethic. He desires to be #1 in everything. He wants to be the best no matter what it is.” TP

Wrapping Up

Finally, it only makes cents for him to trademark his new clothing line “A Lion has to eat.” Upon doing some extensive research I located his official site. He’s currently offering a wide range of “Humble Beast” merchandise. During the NFL Hall of Fame game, his impact was also immediately felt in a very short span. Coach Mike McCarthy quickly stashed his new defensive weapon on the bench shortly after.

I caught this clip below of him in warmups in Canton. My intuition felt that history was upon the horizon. Jump over to my YouTube channel to watch the full Cowboys Cousins Live show with his father Terrence and me. As he prepares to watch his son prey upon a divisional offensive foe. Currently with a 4 game win streak tomorrow in front of the nation’s capital fan base.

Lastly, if you enjoyed reading this content please learn more about how you can support it on Facebook. Over 100 subscribers are inspiring me to create appetizing content. Which also makes history for Dallas Cowboys fans. Help me reach 150 subscribers with my extended global family of cousins before Christmas. Tis’ the season. As a Cowboys Lakers fan, this was an absolute content treat to devour. Thanks to both Micah Parsons and Kobe Bryant. Now combining their work ethics with my newfound hunger for success.




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