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Why blog 4 FREE when you can earn cash in the GAME with Amazon Kindle?

Veteran bloggers this is 4 you! For almost 4 years now I have built multiple blogs across the world wide web. In 2020 Amazon Kindle helped me create double vision. I’m focusing on just 2 blogs now. When these veteran fingers hit this keyboard it’s time to get busy creating veteran E-books 4 good this year and earn cash in the process!

In the summer of 2019, I walked through the double front doors at the American Lake Veterans Administration seeking help 4 my suicidal ideations. Where many veterans actually do. Prior to that I was losing my mind. Between life, family, work, unemployment, depression, and my ambitionz to create on Amazon as a writer.

My goal of writing a book last year finally got on track after 8 weeks of intense counseling. In the process I quit my job with Comcast to focus on my mental health. That caused a major rift in the Gipson household, and the child support courts in 2 different CA counties.. Anything worthwhile requires sacrifice, however.

“Our long-term goal is to create a device that allows you to lose yourself in the author’s story. And since the first Kindle launch, we’ve used our customers’ feedback and technological innovations to get us closer to that goal of paper reading, including adding features that go beyond paper. In the last 14 months we’ve had our largest Kindle portfolio refresh ever, including a complete update to our existing Kindle e-reader line up and the addition of a brand-new offering just for kids.”~ Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Veteran

How YOU can get in the GAME with Amazon Kindle

I’m working on creating more value when I create my blog post’s 4 you this year. The truth of the matter is that very few Dallas Cowboys fans read on social media. Well, the title anyway. So, if you’re a writer like myself, it’s time 2 get in the GAME.

What if I told you that you can start earning this week? Amazon Kindle has made it incredibly easy 4 you to get in the GAME. Before we get into the WEEDs with this, if you have been thinking about starting a blog this year check out my FREE E-book how to get started with your own blog.

Between getting your blog started, and getting into the GAME with Amazon Kindle your well on your way to creating your own amibitonz as a writer. You can opt to not blog also, but we both know even our Cowboys cousin Allen Iverson was never happy about practice.

First things first. Head over to Kindle Create on Amazon and download on your laptop. Create your account and start engaging with how to write your first E-book, or even paperback!

The beautiful thing is the ability to turn your hobby into a legit business that earns cash online. While setting up your account you will need to set up payment options to earn. In addition, you will need to submit a form for taxes. Uncle Sam always taking grams out the bag, right 2 Chainz?

Once you get your account set up it will look like like mine below. Where all the magic begins to happen 4 your content! WIth a plan however.

Double vision 4 veterans with Amazon Kindle in 2020

September of last year was my last blog post here actually. I published it the day after quitting my job with Comcast. Now this was after about 3 years on the keyboard with my blog. My advice to you is have a plan. Because the difference between a goal and a dream is that plan.

At a minimum I would set up your blog first. Unless you’re already a writer and have the technical skills with creating content or have content. You can head over and start to get your product on the market immediately.

My plan this year is a blog post once a month at a minimum here. I will use it to highlight and share my journey this year as a self-publisher on Amazon Kindle Publishing. If you’re just starting out on your journey be sure to subscribe to my blog today. I’m here to help!

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The difference between marketing and branding: What is the difference? Marketing is what you do, branding is what you are.

In conclusion

Whether you’re an experienced blogger, or a rookie just starting out in the GAME. The most important thing is to get started. Time waits 4 no man. Are you a professional on the LinkedIn platform? This spring I will be packaging up a specific “How To” for self-publishers on my new podcast called LinkedUp.

Blogging has literally saved my life. It has become a way 4 me to express my thoughts and emotions. As I travel my journey I want to reach out and bring some veterans along 4 the ride. “Product outweighs talent” according to Percy Miller. As I cook up my GAME and distribute on the world wide web simply sharing what you know is 4REE GAME. A beautiful therapy option 4 veterans, cannabis not included.

This is a call to action to all my veterans out there, let’s get on the grind together in the GAME. So why blog 4 free when you can earn cash in the GAME? If you’re ready to get in the GAME let me introduce you to my plug BlueHost where you can get your new domain 4 starters.

Oh, and you also get a chance to become an affiliate marketer on the side. When you click any links here and purchase anything, I will get a small payment 4 doing so. I will be putting out how to get put on in the GAME as an affiliate with Amazon in a later e-book. I look fourward to you getting started! If it can do half 4 you that it did 4 me, you’re now “Bullet Proof” in the GAME!

If you really enjoyed this e-book and found any value in at all, please be sure to subscribe to my blog. I will be sharing my mental health journey while I’m on the road promoting “Bullet Proof” 4 every veteran out there in the GAME. The good thing 4 you is you get it FREE here, Once I put this on Kindle Create it’s now my product in the GAME.

There is strength in numbers. If you breathing, you achieving. Now let’s get you in the Amazon kindle publishing GAME!


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