January of 2022 will be my five-year anniversary with Canva. This past summer, however, I created the term Fan Base Creator with it as a result. I wanted to share with you today how to get into the creator game heading into the new year. What is Canva you ask? great question.

Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. The app includes templates for users to use. The platform is FREE to use and offers paid subscriptions such as Canva Pro which I use, and Canva for Enterprise for additional functionality. The most important tool in my creator toolbox helping me build my brand.

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Every Fan Base Creator needs tools in order to create awesome content.


Take it from a veteran

Since 2016 I have seen my fair share of memes on social media. Many of which are created with very poor applications, unlike Canva. Nothing erks me more as a creator than poorly created content among NFL fans. Especially when it comes to my favorite NFL team. The Dallas Cowboys, better known as America’s Team.

I’ve often referred to it as the “Poor Creators Adobe PhotoShop.” Mainly because it’s fit into my monthly creator budget perfectly. For many creators getting started in the game, money can become an issue. As a result, you will experiment with different FREE tools (applications) to make memes and share on social media.

For the record, there is no affiliation between the NFL & Canva. Only between Canva & myself. It’s the example I draw here primarily so NFL fans will be able to relate. Does your New Years’ resolution list have becoming a creator on it for the next NFL season?

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Memes like the one above can be created very easily on Canva. You can use your laptop which I prefer, and now the app is available for mobile devices. Get started creating awesome content for your NFL teams on Canva today!

Fan Base Creator explained specifically with help of Canva

For many years I wasn’t confident enough as a creator to publish video content. Video essentially needs to be a part of every Fan Base Creator’s resume. Unless you’re NFL Memes on Facebook. I share that because Randy Oliver the blogger who publishes written content through his DailySnark blog is earning a handsome living. By sharing Dallas Cowboys memes, and affiliate marketing.

I’ve watched that Facebook page scale up to over four million followers since ’16. Im certain he and other contributors aggregate and post memes surrounding the “Other 31” NFL teams. Once I decided to get into video finally I began publishing content with my PowerDirector app through CyberLink on YouTube.

Here is when my meme-making skills from Canva intertwined. Especially with my new video campaign on Facebook live currently with Cowboys Cousins. I created this video explaining what exactly a FAN BASE CREATOR is, and how YOU can get started. Essentially sharing my creative journey here with you now as a result. Be sure to subscribe to my blog today below. I will publish a more in-depth look at PowerDirector and how easy it is to create videos like below.

How to get started with Canva as a Fan Base Creator

Are you a creator in search of tools that won’t break your bank in the process? If you answered YES, please do subscribe to my blog today. In future blog post’s I will share other FREE tools like Canva that you can add to your toolbox. The FREE version is limited. That’s why I use Canva Pro for a TON of options.  Many meme dealers on social media usually begin by aggregating the hottest memes to supply their followers from other creators. That’s how it all starts.

From there you will find yourself competing with other creators. When you ultimately find yourself creating to keep up with the Jones’ more tools and premium content will be expected from your audience to keep them satisfied. Then again, beginners can simply get started with the Canva FREE option. In addition, small businesses and personal brands can scale up when you’re ready.

In Conclusion

You can get started with one click. The Canva image below also contains an affiliate marketing link attached. Yes, I will earn a small commission when you click and purchase from any links on my blog here as a result. This is essentially how affiliate marketing works. I will share more on how to become an affiliate marketer. Once you add creating memes to your resume today.

That’s if you desire to become one eventually as a Fan Base Creator.

For less than $13 monthly you can jump into the creator game NOW. Begin creating better memes for your social media followers. I use it to create cover art for my blog, YouTube thumbnails like above, Instagram edits, and various other memes and content on social media. Stand out with your own brand colors also! Get started with Canva with one click today below! See you in those Facebook streets meme dealers!

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