One of the best ways to reach your Facebook audience as a creator is through live videos. As Facebook announced the news about Stars Fest for its creators this week I want to introduce you to my Cowboys Cousins within the Dallas Cowboys fanbase. On my live shows, however.

Back in the spring of 2016, I pushed the Facebook live button for the first time in Tacoma, WA. It was at the Emerald Queen Casino. At a Keith Sweat concert of all places. Luckily, I was an early adopter and the copyright code was not up to speed yet. It was not blocked while streaming as a result. I held 2 viewers total for about 5 minutes.

Initially, I wanted to share this with my readers on the only website talking about Cowboys fans in the world.  However, I felt as we head into ’22 it was time to merge my content efforts for maximum exposure. Besides, I have already used the keywords “Cowboys Cousins” on that platform. If you’re a blogger who knows SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it makes sense.

This is an effort to teach my new audience of creators and small businesses about Facebook live exclusively. In addition, showcase my consulting efforts in the City of Destiny. Located at the Union Club in Tacoma, WA.

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Learn more about our Cowboys Cousins like Jamie Foxx who recently partnered with BetMGM. Leading the way for “The King of Sportsbooks.”

Cowboys Cousins Facebook live sponsored by supporters

The most important ingredient to this new recipe is our Facebook supporters. As a creator on Facebook, this is where personal brands can create exclusive content and build a tribe. Not to exclude small businesses. Many small business owners however can’t commit to the time it takes to create daily content.

This is where leveraging creators like myself can come in handy. I recently relocated my consulting business to Tacoma, WA. As a result, I’m ramping up my content with Cowboys Cousins shows. At the same time helping personal brands and small businesses get into the kitchen.

When I started out blogging in 2016 I wanted to separate myself from other bloggers. TH=his is why I chose to focus strictly on NFL fans. Without them, there is no America’s Team. After all, the fans are why that NFL film’s personality labeled Dallas Cowboys fans as such.

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Learn about a few different Celebrity Dallas Cowboys fans on my blog post I shared in 2019. Centered around Dallas Cowboys fans akin Denzel Washington

In Conclusion

Living in the Pacific Northwest I have to deal with “Blue Fridays.” Each week Seattle Seahawks fans are encouraged to showcase their colors. Either a student in school or a working professional like you to show their team pride before gameday’s on Sunday. It’s not hard for you to see which colors I fly every day of the week. Like Mastercard, I never leave home without them.

Residing in the City io Destiny now I aim to target my Cowboys Cousins located here. Not just those scattered around the nation, Mexico, or even the United Kingdom. Right here in the Pacific Northwest like Dave’s gang up at Goofy’s Bar. Our new normal has taught us new behaviors to co-exist.

Even if you’re not a Dallas Cowboys fan I encourage you to come to watch my weekly Facebook Live shows. Perhaps you’re an NFL fan of the “Other 31” teams. Understanding the need to reach your target audience on Facebook is critical to your brand presence. Check out my services on Thumbtack. Where we can discuss a game plan on how you can reach your NFL team’s fans.

My Boots on Ground approach now in Tacoma is all about building a professional network of personal brands and small businesses. I love all NFL fans, but I love my Cowboys Cousins even more. Let’s connect before this NFL season is said and done. I look forward to hearing from you.

Are you new here? Did you learn anything from this blog post? If so please leave me a comment below. In addition, join my email community by submitting your 411 below. I will be creating HOW TO content for creators and small businesses. Like how to go Facebook live. After all, a follower is just someone who learns quickly and then begins to teach others by leading from the front.

Follow the leader. Let’s join the ranks together below.

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